Germany withdraws "Easter break"

Upheaval in Germany: Chancellor Angela Merkel has already withdrawn the "Easter break" announced earlier this week, which would involve shutting down the country almost completely for five days.


"Unfeasible plan"

Last Tuesday, Merkel had announced the new, stricter rules after lengthy negotiations with representatives of the various states. In addition to extending the lockdown, Germany would introduce an "Easter break", which would completely paralyse social life during the long Easter weekend. Even food stores would remain closed during the five-day period and would only be allowed to open their doors on Saturday, 3 April.


The German government's plan was met with a storm of criticism, because it raised many practical questions to which the government did not know the answers. For example, it was unclear who would pay the wages of the workers who would be forced to stay at home.


The fact that the "Easter break" was reversed yesterday was nevertheless a surprise. According to the German chancellor, the plan was practically and legally unfeasible in the short term. Remarkably, she took the full blame: "I have the final responsibility, so it is my fault, I apologise to the people for the added uncertainty."