French judge curtails Amazon's activities

French judge curtails Amazon's activities

A French judge has limited Amazon to selling essential goods only, as long as the company cannot guarantee the safety of its employees in the distribution centres.


90 % of turnover

According to the Court of Nanterre, it is clear that Amazon has ignored its obligation to ensure the safety and health of workers. The company is now required to carry out a coronavirus risk assessment at its six French sites within 24 hours. Pending the results, the online store has to limit its activities to the supply of essential products, French media report.


Amazon will therefore only be allowed to sell strictly necessary products in the categories hygiene, health and food. Sales of leisure products will be suspended: consumers will no longer be able to order toys, video games, smartphones, computers, decoration or gardening tools, for example. All in all, the e-tailer sees around 90 % of its turnover blocked.


Amazon commented that it does not agree with the statement: "We are currently evaluating the impact on our French logistics sites. We will also continue to work with all stakeholders and provide the necessary clarification, as we have done since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis," says the company. Originally, the trade union had demanded the complete closure of the distribution centres - a measure that Amazon itself agreed to later in the day.