Decathlon keeps profits stable

Despite the fact that many of Decathlon's stores remained closed for months, the sports retailer survived the Covid-19 year rather well.


E-commerce more than doubled

The French retailer saw its turnover drop 6 % to 11.4 billion euros, largely supported by its growing online sales. Revenues from e-commerce grew from 8 % to 19 % of the total turnover in one year, now representing 2.2 billion euros. Online sales almost doubled in all countries, with the exception of China.


Net profit remained virtually stable at 550 million euros, just 4 million euros lower than a year earlier. Decathlon sold more durable consumer products, which come with a lower margin. In addition, the retailer incurred higher costs due to the Covid crisis. On the other hand, the net result was positively influenced by the capital gain realised through the sale of real estate. However, the sports giant does not provide further details about this.