Chinese 'invade' Mall for Africa

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The ties between China and Africa are becoming ever closer. Next up is the Nigerian Mall for Africa, which now also offers Chinese products to 17 African countries, expanding from its current British and American range.


China picks up African e-commerce

Mall for Africa is a mobile internet platform that offers international products in Africa. "Customers buy products with an app and they are delivered easy and safe", the founders explain the concept. After offering mainly American and British products, the company now wants to introduce Chinese products to African customers.


Even though trade with Europe is currently eight times bigger, trade between China and Africa has increased dramatically in recent years. Since 2013, China is working on a modern version of the 'Silk Road'. In line with the idea of Chinese president Xi Jinping, dozens of land and sea routes are constructed from China to Europe and Africa.


Mall for Africa is gaining an important position as an intermediate platform, as many large retailers do not yet dare to invest in African countries themselves. According to Belgian KU Leuven economist Jo Van Biesebroek, Mall for Africa's success is a sign "that their economies are becoming more integrated in the world economy and in international value chains", according to Belgian public broadcaster VRT.