Carrefour launches its own mobile payment solution

Carrefour launches its own mobile payment solution

French retail group Carrefour is launching a mobile payment app which will allow for easy in-store payment. Carrefour Pay, which will be linked to all bank cards by the end of 2018, is available in all stores using contactless NFC technology.

Carrefour Pay

In an effort to step up its digital transformation, French Carrefour is introducing a new way of paying for goods bought in its 3000 French Carrefour stores and beyond. Carrefour Pay is designed as a proprietary mobile app, currently only available to Android users with PASS MasterCards or C-Zam cards, but which will be compatible with all bank cards before the year is over.


The app, which takes its name from the Apple Pay app launched in June 2016, will also be available in Belgian Carrefour stores, says Baptiste van Outryve: "Provided that the app is used in a Carrefour store that accepts contactless NFC technology, payments using Carrefour Pay with a French PASS MasterCard or C-Zam card will pose no problem."


How it works

Carrefour Pay has been expressly designed to be intuitive and straightforward: all that is required is an Android telephone with NFC and the Carrefour&Moi app which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. In the "Pay with my mobile" section, users are asked to present their bank card for reading by the mobile phone. With a security code that is sent by text message, the bank card is then firmly linked to the mobile app.


Every time the client checks out, he just unlocks his phone and places it over the payment terminal to pay. Any loyalty benefits and discount coupons are automatically taken into consideration by the app's technology. With the launch of its very own payment app, Carrefour is putting into practice its five-year transformation plan, launched only in January and which plans to invest 2.8 billion euros in developing the retail chain's digital and omnichannel operations.