Build your own electric car: American student demonstrates concept for Ikea self-build kit

Ryan Schlotthauer

If it were up to American designer Ryan Schlotthauer, we would soon be buying electric car kits from Ikea. For his graduation project, he designed the Höga, an electric car with Renault technology, which you could buy as a kit from the furniture chain for a total of 5,300 euros.


A concept, not a project

For the record, this is nothing more than a concept that has sprung from Schlotthauer's mind. Although the story has taken on a life of its own here and there, it appears Renault or Ikea are not actively involved in the matter. So the chances of customers seeing the Höga among the wardrobes and sofas at their local Ikea store are rather slim.


However, Schlotthauer does bring his concept to life brilliantly. Höga is a small electric city car, 2.3 metres long and 1.8 metres high. The vehicle consists of 374 parts, 114 of which you would have to assemble yourself. The motor and the battery are included in the package. Sustainability is high on Schlotthauer's agenda. The entire body of the Höga is recyclable.


Even if Ikea and Renault were to decide to go along with this idea, several practical objections could be made regarding the Höga. Autoguide notes that a car from a homebuilt kit would face the necessary problems to get approved. If the Höga would go through an MOT test, there is a real chance the kit must first pass through a certified workshop. This brings the whole build-your-own-car story up for discussion.


Nevertheless, enjoy the ingenuity of Schlotthauer's concept in the video below: