Budbee delivery service to expand into Belgium


The Swedish delivery start-up Budbee is coming to Belgium soon. Matthias Pletinckx will become the country manager.


Flexibility and sustainability

From the second quarter onwards, Budbee will roll out its flexible delivery services in Flanders and Brussels. Budbee will gather the parcels in three new hubs, spread across Flanders. At a later stage, the company wants to operate in Wallonia as well.


Budbee considers the expansion to Belgium a logical step after successfully introducing the start-up in the Netherlands. Moreover, Belgium is densely populated, and e-commerce in this country received a major boost as a result of the coronavirus crisis.


Budbee's mission is to deliver without the use of fossil fuels. The company uses cargo bikes and electric vehicles. Besides the sustainable approach, the company tries to make a difference with a flexible service. Deliveries are made in the evening, and people who expect a parcel can use the app to indicate where, when and how it should be delivered.


Matthias Pletinckx has been appointed country manager in Belgium. "The demand for service- and environmental-oriented delivery services is increasing in Belgium. I am therefore convinced that thanks to Budbee's technology and sustainable ambitions, we will take our country's e-commerce market to the next level."