Bucking the trend, Amazon makes returns easier

Amazon customers no longer have to package their returns

Amazon's new return policy in the United States allows customers to drop their products without package or labels in thousands of sales points, nationwide and free of charge.



Amazon wants to make it even easier for its American customers to return their purchases: "We understand that finding a box and tape, and printing a label for a return can still be a hassle. Now, most Amazon returns are easier than ever with no box required. After getting a QR code from the Amazon Return Center, items can simply be handed to an associate without a box or label, and they will pack and ship it for free", the company announced through its official blog.


Among the many places where customers can bring their returns, there are of course Amazon’s own Books and 4-Star stores, just as the Whole Foods chain Amazon acquired in 2017. Additionally, the online giant has reached an agreement with department store chain Kohl’sfor accepting the returns in more than a thousand stores - and with nearly 4,800 UPS stores.


Not all of the items sold by the platform will be able to be returned through the new system: mostly, products processed through Amazon itself are involved. Customers who still prefer to pack and send their returns themselves can still do so: both systems will exist side-by-side.