Blokker starts pop-up outlet chain

Foto Blokker

As part of a programme to counter disappointing results, the Dutch Blokker chain renews its product range in Belgian stores. To disposes of items that will not be part of the new range any more, the chain will open pop-up outlets called 'Black Blokker'.


Four months of discounts

Blokker is renewing itself in Belgium and has already renovated eight stores, but at the same time it will change its product range in all the stores. New are the categories artificial flowers, baby, bicycle, pets and school. To make room for the new products, others will have to leave the stores. 


"We want to make room in the regular Blokker stores, but we do not want to sell recent products under a regular outlet banner: therefore we have created temporary Black Blokkers", says marketing manager Sven Voets. The name refers to Black Friday, and like the American shopping holiday the stores will offer huge discounts of up to 70 %. Products in the new chain will include candles, electronic devices, pots and pans and pottery. The Black Blokkers will be only open for four months in currently empty store locations.