Belgium's e-commerce turnover rises to 10.67 billion

2018 was another record year for the Belgian e-commerce sector, whose turnover went up to 10.67 billion euro. That is a 500 million euro growth that comes despite some worrying signs...


Toy store growth

An average Belgian consumer did almost one online purchase per month (11.6 per year), for a total of 1273 euros. According to e-commerce organisation BeCommerce, that means 18 % of all spendings are now done online. A worrying sign is that in Wallonia, the fourth quarter online turnover went down by 3 % compared to the 2017 fourth quarter.


With an online share of 85 %, travelling (including accommodation) is still the best achieving category for online. Event tickets (77 %) is a close second, while toys are the fastest grower with + 38 %. In health and beauty, the online share is still very small despite considerable growth (+ 35 %). Fashion's online turnover went up 18 %.