Amazon is world's most valuable retailer

Amazon is world's most valuable retailer

Online department store Amazonis by far the world's most valuable retail, worth nearly 99 billion dollars. That value puts Jeff Bezos' company in seventh spot of the Brandz Top 100 Edition 2016.

"Runner up" Alibaba is worth about half

Millward Brown creates a list of the world's most valuable brands every year, based on consumer surveys, combined with financial results and stock results. For the first time ever, Amazon managed to enter the top 10 of the Brandz Top 100. Its value grew an astonishing 59 % in only one year's time, which means it is now seventh on the list.


Worth nearly 99 billion dollars, Amazon is about twice as valuable as its Chinese competitor, Alibaba. It is worth 49.3 billion dollars and reached the 18th spot in the list of most valuable brands.


Third in the list of retailers is American DIY chain, The Home Depot, placed 26th with a value of 36.44 billion dollars.


Google surpasses Apple

Three years after Apple leapfrogged Google as the world's most valuable brand, its reign has come to an end. Google has once again taken the lead in the 2016 Edition.


Tim Cook's company lost 8 % of brand value, down to 228.46 billion dollars, while Google's value skyrocketed 32 % to 229.2 billion dollars. Its huge jump is thanks to "innovation, ad revenue and improved cloud activities".


More than ever, the United States have a firm grip on the top 100, with 51 American brands compared to 23 Asian brands (including 15 Chinese).