Amazon Prime Day is on 11 July

Amazon Prime Day is on 11 July

Amazon has just revealed its third Prime Day, which will be on the 11th of July. This counterpart to Black Friday, which is in the holiday season, will be filled with discounts all across the web shop.

Better deals

Amazon launched the Prime Day several years ago, to celebrate its twentieth birthday. During one day, it presented a whole range of special offers, only available to Prime subscribers, which is once again the case this year.


Amazon Prime Day will begin 11 July (3 am) and last until 12 July (9 am). Those thirty hours will be packed with “several hundred thousand deals”, one launched every five minutes. Customers from China, India and Mexico can also join the fray this year, bringing the total of countries to thirteen. Each country will have its own set of offers, even though there will be an Amazon Global Store that presents an overview of the global deals.


A novelty this year is that Amazon will group the deals in categories, a solution to one of last year’s complaints when customers complained it was very difficult to browse the many deals for something they actually wanted.


Many visitors also felt the offers were low-quality and mostly entailed products that did not generate a lot of interest. For this year, Amazon emphasized its deals will also relate to many items that tend to be popular on Black Friday, including televisions and other hardware. Obviously, it will also discount many of its own products, like the Kindle, the Echo and several streaming services.