Amazon plans full-on expansion to Netherlands

Amazon opens fully-fledged Dutch online shop

Amazon wants to turn its Dutch website into a fully functional web shop in 2020. Until now, only e-books have been for sale on that; for other products, Dutch customers are referred to


Only in theory?

In an internal communication from the web giant, which was handed down to Dutch website Emerce, Amazon is already calling for Dutch suppliers and salespeople to create a sales account for the Netherlands. It remains to be seen whether much will actually change in practice, since Amazon has been working on the Dutch market for some time now through its German branch.


The company has already translated a whole series of product pages into Dutch: more than three million items are already available to Dutch consumers and can be delivered within 24 hours. In any case, there will be not be a Dutch distribution centre: deliveries will continue to be made from a number of warehouses just across the German border.


As of yet, there is no exact launch date for and to date, the company has never wanted to comment on possibly launching in the Netherlands.