Amazon opens pop-up bar in Tokyo

Amazon opens pop-up bar in Tokyo

Amazon will open a pop-up bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district in order to promote liquors it has on its web shop. It will be the first time Amazon opens its very own bar.

No menu

“Amazon Bar will offer a wide variety of drinks procured from across the globe, and offer exclusive products as well as samples of products not yet on store shelves,” the company said in a statement Thursday. There will be no menu, but a special system to present drinks and sommeliers to inform customers about the wines. Prices will vary from 500 to 1,500 yen (3.8 to 11.4 euro).


Amazon did not simply pick any spot for its bar. Tokyo’s Ginza district is one of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods and houses flagship stores for Emporio Armani, Apple and Louis Vuitton. The bar will open its doors on 20 October and shut down again on the 31st of October.