AI has to help MasterCard fight fraud

AI has to help MasterCard fight fraud

Mastercard has launched artificial intelligence into its global network to help financial institutions to validate realtime transactions more accurately and to refuse falsified transactions.

Fewer incorrect refusals

The technology, called Decision Intelligence, needs to make sure that consumers are not confronted with erroneous refusals as much whenever they do payments that the system may consider to be fraudulent. Decision Intelligence has to help make better decisions in that regard.


It looks at a consumer's long-term purchase behaviour to track whether his current shopping behaviour can be qualified as normal. The fight against fraud has broken loose over the past few years, requiring new technology to balance the approval of correct and refusal of fraudulent transactions.


In the United States alone, the amount of money on incorrect refusals has outgrown actual fraudulent transactions by a factor of 13. This new MasterCard technology should help lower that number considerably.