Ahold Delhaize strengthens online synergies

Two of Ahold Delhaize's branches have started to work more closely together: as of today, shoppers in Antwerp can collect their bol.com orders in some Delhaize supermarkets.


Sustainable policies

A third sibling, Albert Heijn, already offered the bol.com pick-up service in its Belgian supermarkets, but now Delhaize joins in as well. Online orders of the company's web shop bol.com will be made available in the supermarkets of the chain in the Antwerp province starting today, as well as in certain participating stores of the AD Delhaize and Proxy Delhaize chains. The goal is to let customers combine the pick-up service with doing their own groceries, leading to a number of gains.


Not only is the new service designed to lure more customers into the participating stores, but the Belgian-Dutch retailer also hopes to reduce the distance its delivery vans have to cover - helping both the environment and its own finances. If the trial in Antwerp is successful, it will be expanded to the whole Dutch-speaking region in Belgium. The project is part of an attempt to increase synergies and make e-commerce more important for Delhaize, as the retailer had announced earlier.