Ahold Delhaize rolls out contactless payment in 30 stores

Ahold Delhaize rolls out contactless payment in 30 stores
Retail Business Services

Retail Business Services, Ahold Delhaize's American technology branch, has announced that it will introduce its self-scan and payment application 'ScanIt Mobile' in some thirty stores by the end of the year.


Integrated payment solutions

The technology will be used in all new Giant Heirloom Market stores and a number of Stop & Shop stores. Customers who use the app can simply scan any products they want to buy. When ready, they pass through an allocated 'checkout', where the payment is done automatically, and after receiving a 'payment approved' message they can leave the store. Payments are processed via existing mobile portfolios: the payment app is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Venmo.


Customers who do net want to use the new app, can also use a scanning device from the store. In order to pay, they then have to transfer the collected information onto the mobile app on their phone. Before the end of the year, the app should be available in 7 Giant Heirloom Markets and in 22 Stop & Shop stores.


CEO Paul Scorza says his company is "focused on creating the next generation of grocery retail". "A key part of this is developing new technologies that support consumers’ changing preferences for how they want to shop.”