Vente-Unique doubles turnover in six years' time

Vente-Unique, a discount platform for furniture, saw its turnover rise 14 %last year. It is the seventh time in a row they manage a double figure growth.


Steady net profit ended its financial year on 30 September with a turnover of 87.2 million euros, 14 % more than the year before. The French company offering flash sales for furniture and decoration has been growing for seven years in a row by 12 % on average, LSA writes. Investments weigh on profit however, as do orders that still had to be delivered by the end of the financial year: the turnover they generate turnover was not yet calculated yet, although the costs had already been made.


Vente-Unique claims that there were open orders left for a total of 4.4 million by the end of the summer, pointing to very strong sales. Meanwhile, other retailers were suffering from the heat that kept people away from the shops. Net profit ended at 2 million euros, the same amount as the year before.


Strong growth in Italy and Portugal

There was growth in all three regions where the group is active. The emphasis was mostly on international expansion: in France growth was only 4 %, in line with the rest of the industry. In Northern and Eastern Europe, turnover rose by 11 %, while sales in Southern Europe grew by a whopping 110 %. Vente-Unique credits its strong growth in Italy and Portugal, two furniture markets that are quickly evolving in the direction of e-commerce.


38% of the company's turnover was made abroad. At the end of November, Vente-Unique also started its activities in Poland. The group is calling for operational backup: a new distribution centre is being made ready in Amblainville and they have also started to make use of temporary facilities in anticipation of a larger head office, expected by the middle of 2019.