Impermo eyes the Netherlands and Luxembourg


Tile store chain Impermo is accelerating its expansion: the Belgian company will open four new showrooms in the next six months, including its first branch in the Netherlands.


Turnover of 50 million euros 

Things are going well for Impermo, which saw its number of stores rise from one to ten in the past decade. Opening four new stores - including a first one outside of Belgium - is therefore a huge acceleration in the company's expansion strategy.


Last year, thanks to Covid, turnover surged from 40 to 50 million euros as people took up DIY in high numbers over the lockdowns. That strong growth is fuelling the ambition of CEO Ann Gijsens, who announced her company Impermo will open a first new showroom next Saturday 16 October in Arlon (right next to the brand-new Ikea branch and the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). The company was not yet present in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, either.


The Netherlands

Impermo will also venture outside the country for the first time, a logical next step after the launch of the Dutch webshop last year. "This year, we will be setting up a brick-and-mortar store in the Netherlands for the first time. We will establish ourselves in Eindhoven, and from there we will be able to move into the rest of the Netherlands", Gijsens said in a press release.


At the beginning of next year, two more showrooms will be added: one in Marche-en-Famenne (also in the province of Luxembourg) and one in Bruges. When those have opened, the chain will have fourteen branches.