Ikea wants to sell 27 retail parks

Ikea wants to sell 27 retail parks

Swedish furniture chain Ikea apparently intends to sell about 900 million euros' worth of European real estate. All in all, 27 retail parks would be up for sale, containing real estate around its own stores.

Family-friendly meeting areas

Josefin Thorell, spokesperson for the Swedish company, already confirmed the news, but she refrained from confirming whether the sale should generate 900 million euro.


Twelve of these retail parks are located in Germany, while the others are spread across Poland, Sweden, France, Finland, Switzerland and Czechia. Even if it sells all 27, it will still own 25 retail parks all across Europe.


The sale fits Ikea's strategy, where it only wants to keep a hold of locations where it can create a family-friendly meeting area in collaboration with the rental partners. Those retail parks that do not fit that image, are now being sold.