Ikea opens two Belgian hotels in 2019

Ikea opens two Belgian hotels in 2019

Swedish furniture chain Ikea will open two hotels in 2019, one in Antwerp and one in Ghent. Hotel chain Moxy, which it set up together with Marriot, is already present in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago and London.

Not a budget hotel

Moxy’s first location should open its doors in the Kouter (Ghent), where an old office building is being turned into a 103-room hotel. Antwerp will follow soon after, where Ikea has occupied the former dancing Zillion’s location. Work is already underway.


“It will not become a budget hotel”, Groupe Cayman’s Francois Cayman told Het Nieuwsblad. His company will manage the chain’s hotels in Belgium. “However, we do want to have competitive pricing: during the weekend, a stay should be possible for 100 to 120 euro.”


Moxy should become a four-star hotel with a three-star hotel’s prices. That is also why the chain will not offer room service. On the other hand, it will also focus a lot on the communal areas, like the bar and library.


Ghent and Antwerp are not the only locations for a Moxy hotel, because the chain is also looking for appropriate locations in Brussels, Liège and Charleroi.

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