Decoration chain Maisons du Monde opens its own hotel

Maisons du Monde Hotel & Suites opende haar deuren in de Franse stad Nantes.
Foto: Maisons du Monde

French decoration chain Maisons du Monde has opened its own hotel in Nantes, where each room will showcase a different style from the chain's product offer.


Reflection of the brand

In the heart of Nantes' historical centre, or more accurately: in the Rue Santeuil, Maisons du Monde has opened its Hotel & Suites, featuring 47 rooms in styles ranging from nature to rock. The hotel is a collaboration between the chain itself and hotel group Vicartem, as they worked tirelessly together to agree on everything from the general design to the smallest detail of the interiour, regional director Pieter Deduytsche says.


“Our teams Pro Service, Concept en Decoration have put a lot of energy in creating a unique concept: a hotel where you feel like at home, but better", general manager Julie Walbaum says. That cosy feeling is carried out throughout the lounge, which can be used during the day for breakfast, co-working or after-work drinks and features a library, a kitchen and large tables.