Danish furniture store chain JYSK arrives in Belgium

Danish furniture store chain JYSK arrives in Belgium

Early next year, Danish furniture store chain JYSK comes to Belgium with an ambitious plan: the Danes want to open fifty Belgian stores as soon as possible.

Already started hiring process

The Danish chain already has 84 stores in the Netherlands and hopes it can mimic that success in Belgium. "JYSK has become very popular in the Netherlands, and I hope that this will also be the case in Belgium", Frank Christant, manager for Belgium and the Netherlands, said. "I feel that JYSK can really contribute to the market and offer something new to Belgian consumers.", he added.


Nevertheless, Christant is careful: "JYSK is a large organization with a lot of stores all over the world. However we open in Belgium with the knowledge that we are new to the Belgian consumers, and that we have to offer something extraordinary to be successful. The best employees and the best service is crucial, and that is why we have already started to find the right people and build a great organization."


The very first JYSK store opened in 1979 and the company has grown ever since. Currently, it has 2,340 stores in 41 countries (including Germany and Austria, where it is simply called "Danish bed store"). Belgium is one of Europe's last countries to welcome the Danish imperium. JYSK's parent company, Lars Larsen Group (which also owns furniture chains like Bolia.com and ILVA) had a 3.1 billion euro turnover last year.