Dôme Deco grows more than a fifth

Dôme Deco grows more than a fifth

Belgian interior label Dôme Deco's turnover grew 21.5 % in the first quarter compared to the year before. That means the company has managed to uphold its growth pace of 2015.

Will expand its own store formula

“Last year's turnover grew 20 %, a trend we would definitely like to keep up - if not improve. We managed to do so for the first quarter of 2016", founder Stefan Verheyen said. For the full fiscal year, the company aims for a 5.2 million euro turnover.


The label wants to realize that growth on the back of export and the expansion of its own Elite+ store formula, where it only sells Dôme Deco items. In the first quarter, the interior label opened stores in Belgium, Russia, Ukraine and China, with Czechia, Italy, Iran, Germany, Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates and Japan planned for the near future.


Dôme Deco also provides workshops, communication tools and project management in its stores. "In harsh times for the retail market, these business practices are essential. Our focus is on growth together and to evolve and to make sure that both parties reach a profitable situation."