Working conditions in Bangladesh have barely improved after Rana Plaza disaster

Working conditions in Bangladesh have barely improved after Rana Plaza disaster

Two years after the Rana Plaza disaster that cost more than 1,100 lives, working conditions in the Bengali textile industry still have not improved sufficiently, says a Human Rights Watch report.

No strict adherence to the rules

The report agrees there have been efforts to increase safety in the Bengali textile factories, but maintains that more should be done to make sure that the international guidelines for workers' rights are respected. The group shares the blame between the Bengali government, which should enforce the new legislation more and actually punish those who break the rules, and Western companies.


The report indicates that no Rana Plaza factory currently has a labour union to fight factory leadership on certain decisions. Human Rights Watch has based its report on interviews with more than 160 workers from 44 different factories which create clothing for the Western market.

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