Will AB InBev cut loose its Brazilian top duo?

Will AB InBev cut loose its Brazilian top duo?
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The position of AB InBev's CFO Felipe Dutra is being questioned. A departure would herald the end of an era at the largest brewery group in the world, where Dutra has been CFO for fifteen years, and also raises questions about the future of CEO Carlos Brito.


The end of a power duo?

According to confidential sources quoted by the Financial Times, the replacement of CFO Felipe Dutra was raised at the company's latest Board of Directors meeting. For fifteen years, the Brazilian has been top dog in what has become the largest beer brewery in the world under his and CEO Carlos Brito’s guidance, but recent disappointing results might now cost him his job.


The Belgian-Brazilian group was founded in 2004 as InBev and has systematically expanded its beer empire through acquisitions (most noticeably that of Anhauser-Busch in 2008), but the acquisition of SABMiller in 2015 proved to be harder to digest. More recent failures, such as the disappointing result of the IPO of the Asian subsidiary and the failed sale of the Australian subsidiary to a Japanese company, may now sound the end for the Brazilian duo.


Nelson Jamel, a member of the management of the North American division, is said to have been mentioned as a possible new CFO at the latest board meeting. Given the close ties between Brito and Dutra, the question then raises itself whether the CEO himself might become the next victim. However, some sources deny Dutra's imminent departure, leaving the question about Brito moot. AB InBev has given no official response.