Unilever supplies Burger King with plant-based Whoppers

Unilever supplies Burger King with plant-based Whoppers
Photo: De Vegetarische Slager

Today, Burger King has started serving vegetarian Whoppers in 25 countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands. To do so, the fast-food chain has appointed Unilever subsidiary "De Vegetarische Slager" (The Vegetarian Butcher) as its supplier.



The Rebel Whopper, as the plant-based burger is called, was already announced at the end of last month. At the day of release, Burger King has announced that De Vegetarische Slager will supply the plant-based 'meat'. The Rebel Whopper is currently being simultaneously launched in more than 2,500 Burger King restaurants in 25 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


"We have developed a soy-based burger for Burger King", CEO Hugo Verkuil told Belgian newspaper De Standaard. "In our experience, soy gives you the best meaty texture. If meat eaters like this, we know it is good." Unilever's Sophie Souied of agrees: "The new Rebel Whopper by “De Vegetarische Slager” offers meat lovers a fantastic meat-free experience and we can not wait to make founder Jaap Korteweg’s dream - of becoming the biggest butcher in the world - come true."