Uber Eats delivers groceries for Carrefour in Brussels and Liège

Uber Eats

The previously announced cooperation between delivery service Uber Eats and food retailer  Carrefour Belgium has started on Tuesday in Brussels and Liège. Other cities will follow as demand is very high.


Within 30 minutes

Carrefour and Uber Eats already announced their partnership in Belgium last summer, but only this week the new service got off to a concrete start. Customers in Brussels and Liège can order groceries in the Uber Eats app and have them delivered to their homes by the couriers of the delivery service within thirty minutes. They can choose from 1180 different items. The groceries are delivered within a 3 to 4 kilometre radius from Carrefour stores in the city centres. The delivery cost is between 3.50 and 4.95 euros.

However, Carrefour itself already has the delivery service ShipTo, which has groceries delivered in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège by personal shoppers using an electric cargo bike, for a delivery charge of 5 euros. "This is not competition, but it is an addition to our own delivery service," explains spokesperson Siryn Stambouli of Carrefour to RetailDetail. "After all, we are seeing a huge increase in consumer demand for home delivery.” In time, Carrefour plans to expand its partnership with Uber Eats to other cities.

In France, the two companies have been working together since the end of March, initially in the Paris region and now in hundreds of urban areas. Belgium is the second country where the partnership is taking shape. Other countries where Carrefour is present will soon follow. In Belgium, Uber Eats has also been delivering groceries from the Cora hypermarkets in Woluwe and Anderlecht since 12 October.