Tony's Chocolonely aims for UK

Tony's Chocolonely aims for UK

Dutch chocolate brand Tony's Chocolonely aims to enter the British market in 2019. The company that wants to eradicate modern slavery from chocolate production already is a major player in its home market.


Crossing the Channel with a mission

The British range will largely be like the selection Tony's Chocolonely already presents in its existing markets, marketing manager Pascal van Ham told The Grocer. The brand's most famous bar is the one with milk chocolate, caramel and sea salt, but it also trials more experimental bars like pure chocolate with orange and rosemary. 


Tony's Chocolonely was founded in 2005, when three journalists wanted to do something against the exploitation of cocoa farmers, beyond the Fair Trade demands. The chocolate bars are also divided unevenly to show how unfair the relations in the regular cocoa supply chain can be. 


Last year, the company reached a turnover of 44.9 million euro, up 53% compared to the year before. Over 90 % of that turnover is generated in the Netherlands, where the brand is said to be even bigger than traditional chocolate giant Milka. Moreover, the company is active in Belgium, Sweden and the United States.