Tesco seeks Spanish expansion through El Corte Inglés

Tesco seeks Spanish expansion through El Corte Inglés

British Tesco is finalizing a deal with Spanish El Corte Inglés to sell traditional British products in Spanish stores. On the other hand, Spanish products would also be introduced in Tesco stores.

Expansion of pilot program

At the moment, Tesco already sells products to chains in more than twenty countries and will add Spanish El Corte to that list soon. The chain will sell typical English favourites, like tea, cookies and certain types of breakfast cereal, while Tesco will act as a supplier.


The British company, on the other hand, will expand their pilot program revolving around El Corte Inglés' typically Spanish items in Tesco stores. Currently, only five London-based stores carry those items, but soon cities like Cambrigde, Edinburgh and Brighton will also start selling these Spanish items.


“We’re always looking to offer customers new and exciting products as part of our world food range. We’re currently trialing products from El Corte Ingles in a small number of stores and are looking forward to seeing how customers respond", a Tesco spokesperson told British paper The Guardian.