Tesco opens first till-less store in London

Ben Stevens / Parsons Media

British supermarket chain Tesco has opened its first store where customers can do their shopping without scanning items or queueing at checkout. The store is located in Holborn, in the centre of London.



To enter the new supermarket, which is called GetGo, customers must first download the Tesco app, after which they can check-in by scanning a QR code generated on their phone. Once inside, shoppers can grab the items they want without scanning them: cameras and scales detect which products a customer takes - and how many. The payment happens automatically upon leaving the store.


When buying cigarettes and alcohol, customers have to go to a separate area, supervised by a staff member. One of their tasks is to verify whether shoppers meet the age restrictions, Retail Gazette writes.


In line with Amazon Fresh

GetGo is Tesco's response to Amazon's Just Walk Out technology. Six months ago, Amazon opened its first till-less supermarket in Ealing, a borough in West London. Shortly afterwards, the Americans also opened a second till-less store in Wembley Park. In the meantime, the e-tailer already has six till-less shops in the United Kingdom.


"We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience", said Kevin Tindall, managing director of convenience stores at Tesco. "Our latest innovation offers a seamless checkout customers on the go, helping them to save a bit more time."


In 2018, Tesco had already set up a small trial of a similar store at its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City. That concept, but slightly modified, is now being rolled out to the 'real' market.