Tesco automates shoppers' purchases

Tesco automates shoppers' purchases

Tesco's UK customers can add products to their shopping list automatically from now on, like when its drops in price or when the temperature increases. A visionary move or only a nerd fantasy?

Internet of things

British market leader Tesco uses the IFTTT platform "If This, Then That"), which is a popular application to connect several apps based on the "if this happens, then do that" train of thought. Customers will not need the slightest inkling of programming skills to use the easy-to-use platform.

Tesco Labs, the retailer's technology start-up, created its own channel on IFTTT, allowing shoppers to create very simple tasks. For example: "Add milk to my shopping list every Thursday; add salmon if the price drops; add burgers if the temperature increases tomorrow; send me an email when the price of nappies drops.

It is not as simple as the Amazon Dash button, but it does create opportunities, especially considering the Internet of Things (IoT). IFTTT could be connected to sensors in your refrigerator or kitchen cupboard. Grocery shopping will radically change, there is no doubt about that.