Supermarkets increasingly choose local products

Supermarkets increasingly choose local products
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Belgian supermarkets increasingly choose local suppliers for their fruit, vegetables and meat, Belgian trade federation Comeos says. Numbers vary from only 55 % for apples to 97 % for pork. 


Close collaboration

Especially meat is sourced locally in Belgium: apart from pork, 91 % of all beef and 92 % of all veal sold in Belgian supermarkets comes from Belgian suppliers. Diary achieves a lower score of 76 % (eggs) to 84 % (milk), vegetables only get as high as 64 %. These results set a good mood for the agricultural fair of Libramont, where the results were presented. 


Comeos CEO is satisfied that "In the last few years, the supermarkets have intensified the cooperation with local producers, and that cooperation clearly bears some good fruit. Everybody wins in this story: the consumers get local quality food, the producers now get plenty of room in the supermarkets' shelves and the environment wins as products now travel over shorter distances."