Staff-less Albert Heijn office convenience stores also in Belgium

Albert Heijn

The plan of Albert Heijn and Selecta to jointly open unstaffed stores in offices is taking shape. The first to-go stores will open soon in the Netherlands. The same concept is also coming to Belgium.



At the end of last year, the supermarket chain and Selecta announced that they would be opening unstaffed 'Albert Heijn to go' stores in the Netherlands. The announcement led to a great deal of interest and requests from companies, the retailer says in a press release. The new concept will be rolled out in the next few weeks in around 20 offices in the Netherlands, including RWE in Groningen and Crocs in Noord-Holland.


The first 'Albert Heijn to go' will also be opening in Belgium. The Selecta office is the first location to be provided. Albert Heijn and Selecta want to open an unstaffed to-go in at least 100 offices this year. Around a quarter of those will be in the Netherlands.


With the unstaffed mini-stores, Albert Heijn and Selecta are responding skilfully to the increasing demand for flexibility from organisations in terms of providing food and drinks for their employees. In that sense, the concept is also very interesting for hotels, hospitals and educational institutions, for example.