Smallest turnover growth since 2009 for Nestlé

Smallest turnover growth since 2009 for Nestlé

Swiss food concern Nestlé saw its first quarter turnover grow 3.9 % autonomously, which is actually the company's smallest growth since 2009. Nevertheless, Nestlé sticks by its previous 4.2 % full-year growth forecast.

Fewer pizzas and prepared meals

Nestlé managed a 20.9 billion Swiss franc turnover in its first quarter which is some 19 billion euro. Turnover grew 3.9 % autonomously, but the overall numbers did leave analysts divided: they expected a 3.6 % autonomous growth, but a 21.11 billion Swiss franc turnover. In any case, the result is welcomed as "extremely encouraging considering the disappointment of past quarters".


Nestlé ‑ known for KitKat, Perrier, Maggi, Nespresso and Nescafé among other things - said it sold fewer frozen pizzas and prepared meals in the United States, but its coffee subsidiaries Nescafé and Nespresso performed well, while Maggi gained back market share after its dramatic recall from last year.


Sales in emerging markets went up 5.6 %, while developed markets limited their growth to 2.5 %. Belgian CEO Paul Bulcke did confirm the company would stick to its previous 4.2 % full-year turnover growth forecast.