Smaller Maltesers packages for United Kingdom

Smaller Maltesers packages for United Kingdom

Maltesers has followed Toblerone's example and altered its packaging in the United Kingdom. Previously, chocolate enthusiasts would get a 121 gram package, but now they will only get 103 grams of chocolate for the same price.

More expensive ingredients

The change had apparently been done before the summer, but was only noticed recently. Maltesers never publicly revealed it altered the content of its packages, although it did maintain the price. The alteration has caused quite a fuss with customers, who feel cheated because they were not informed of the changes. Toblerone also had to deal with quite a backlash regarding its new shape.


Just like with Toblerone, Maltesers' parent company Mars Incorporated points towards the increased price for ingredients. "We try to deal with those increased prices internally as much as possible, but sometimes we are forced to charge the customer. This time around, we altered the content of several of our products, to make sure they are still affordable snacks", Mars Incorporated said.