Series of searches at Mondelez: also in Belgium?

Series of searches at Mondelez: also in Belgium?

Over the past few days, searches have been carried out in Mondelez’ offices in various countries (possibly including Belgium). It may have to do with illegal price fixing and cartels, some media suggest.


Price fixing?

In Bremen, investigators mainly focused on the management’s offices, according to the local news station Buten un binnen. During the search documents were seized and a number of offices were closed. What exactly Mondelez is accused of is unclear; the company does not want to respond to any questions about the case for the time being.


A raid was also organised at Mondelez' Vienna offices: the Austrian newspaper Kurier reports that several computers were confiscated. The newspaper suspects that the investigation concerns cartels and price-fixing and that it may have been initiated by the European Competition Commission. This authority too, however, did not wish to comment either.


The generally well-informed German Handelsblatt reports that Mondelez' offices in Belgium and Norway may also have searched.