Quick returns to Morocco

Quick returns to Morocco

After a first failed attempt more than 10 years ago, Quick is now trying to get another foothold in Morocco. The hamburger restaurant chain has just opened its first franchise store in Rabat.

Towards 15 stores in 5 years' time

Quick has returned to Morocco after 10 years, with a 400 sqm restaurant in the capital city of Rabat. It will have 170 seats, with 70 of those outside on the terrace. Its product range is "identical to the French product range, but 100 % halal", Quick Maroc's general manager Jamal Hamdouch emphasizes.


Hamdouch immediately announced it will open another 2 stores (in June and July), following the Ramadan, in Casablanca and Marrakesh. The goal is to have 15 restaurants in 5 years' time, which will mean it invests about 350 million dirham, more than 32 million euro.


For its second Moroccan adventure, Quick will collaborate with Ténor Restauration (a branch of the Moroccan Ténor Groupe holding).. CEO Farid Bensaid believes the collaboration will become successful: "Quick's previous launch is not the same as the current and Quick's regulations back then were not fully implemented and were definitely all followed. It has learned from that and the rules for franchisees are now much stricter."