Pringles pumps 30 million euros into European factories

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To keep up with the growing demand for Pringles crisps, parent company Kellogg is investing 140 million euros in its factories in Poland and Belgium. The lion's share of the capital goes to Poland. 


Growing demand

Since the end of 2019, Kellogg Europe, the holding company behind snack brand Pringles, has invested a total sum of 140 million euros in its European factories. After all, across Europe, there appears to be a growing demand for Pringles. President at Kellogg Europe Dave Lawlor thinks that demand will also increase when Covid measures are eased, and there are more social moments with friends and family. 


The lion's share of the capital went to Poland: 110 million euros were invested in Kutno to build a new production line in the Polish factory. Initially scheduled for completion in May 2021, the new line is fully operational a month ahead of schedule and it will increase production at the factory by 34 per cent, making it possible to produce an additional 120 million cans of Pringles a year. It is the most efficient and sustainable Pringles line to date.


However, when Kellogg built the factory in 2008, it was not intended to produce the potato slices at all, but rather to make Special K. Only since 2014 has the factory been turned into the current "Pringles Factory". "Currently, the company is the largest investor in the Special Economic Zone of Lodz with more than 330 million euros of investment since 2008, which has had a positive impact on the region and created almost 550 skilled jobs," Lawlor stresses.


Pringles is also pumping 30 million euros into the Belgian factory in Mechelen. The funds will be used to renovate the factory so it can continue to meet the demand and make production more sustainable. The renovations are scheduled to start this year.