Not to be underestimated: power of local brands

Not to be underestimated: power of local brands

Local FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands are growing faster than their multinational competitors. Coca-Cola is still the most popular brand in the world, but Colgate is the only one with a worldwide market penetration exceeding 50 %.

58% of market growth

Local and regional FMCG brands represented 46 % of total consumer spending in 2015. More than half (58 %) of the total market growth can be attributed to local brands, which grew 6.2 % last year, while multinational brands grew 3.4 % according to Kantar Worldpanel's newest Brand Footprint report

It analyzed 300 billion purchase decisions, coming from 1 billion families in 44 countries across 5 continents, to calculate how often consumers choose particular brands during the year.


eCommerce provides growth potential

Local brands are particularly strong in Asia, Latin America and several regions in Europe, like Spain. Local brands represent 75 % of all Chinese purchase decisions. The top 3 of the strongest local brands all hail from China: Yili, Mengnui and Bright.

However, that does not mean global brands are on their way out. Looking at the top 10, Lifebuoy (Unilever), Lay's (PepsiCo) and Dove (Unilever) all improved their score and jumped at least 1 spot in Kantar Worldpanel's ranking.eCommerce provides a very nice growth potential for global brands and they dominate this particular market.


Coca-Cola ranks number one

There are a few certainties in life: Coca-Cola is still the world's most popular brand, ranking first in 10 countries, while Colgate is the global leader in "health & beauty", while Downy is the premier household brand.

Italian pasta brand Barilla performed very well, jumping 5 spots in the brand hit parade. Unilever's tooth paste brand in the Middle East, Close-Up, also jumped up 5 places. Dettol nears the top 50, while Colgate managed to attract the highest number of new customers in 2015 and it is also the only global brand purchased by more than 50 % of all families. Indonesian noodle brand Indomie enters the top 10.


The top 10 in global brands according to Kantar Worldpanel


 Ranking  Brand Manufacturer
1  Coca-Cola  The Coca-Cola Company
 2  Colgate  Colgate-Palmolive
 3  Lifebuoy  Unilever
 4  Maggi  Nestlé
 5  Lay's  PepsiCo
 6  Pepsi  PepsiCo
 7  Nescafé  Nestlé
 8  Indomie  Indofood
 9  Knorr  Unilever
 10  Dove  Unilever