New York bans cashless stores

New York bans cashless stores

The New York City Council has - almost unanimously - passed a law that makes it illegal to not accept cash in stores. Any retailer who refuses to do so, may have to face a substantial fine. The resistance against cashless stores like Amazon Go seems to pick up speed in the United States.


Big majority

The law was initiated by councillor Ritchie Torres, and was passed by an overwhelming majority of 43 against 3. Before the legislation is put into practice, it must still be approved by Mayor Bill De Blasio. However, that seems to be a done deal as before the vote, he already spoke positively about "the intention" of the law.


With the ban, the city council wants to help low-income shoppers, who often do not have a credit card or even a bank account. Consumers should have the right to choose if they want to pay in cash or not", the New York Times quotes councillor Torres.


Last year, New Jersey, Philadelphia and San Francisco already introduced similar legislation. As a result, the cash-free Amazon Go stores are required to accept cash payments there as well.