New technology will scan entire shopping cart at once

New technology will scan entire shopping cart at once

In a pilot store in a Shell gas station in London, new technology has been revealed that can scan a large number of products in one go. The system can allegedly process things fifteen times faster than the current self scan approach.


130 customers

IBM developed the technology that should simplify cash register scanning. Customers simply have to place their cart with purchases on a platform and RFID will then take care of the scan. Subsequently, a smartphone payment takes care of that part of the transaction, using systems like Apple Pay or Android Pay. IBM not only promises to make things faster for the customer, but also believes this will prevent store theft, because you cannot fool the system.


The pilot will last six weeks and 130 customers will be the testers. A complete concept store with additional novelties should follow this trial.


This will put IBM in the direct path of Amazon Go’s technology, where customers no longer have to scan their products. In fact, IBM is convinced its system will be the quickest and safest way to go shopping in supermarkets.