New CEO for Nestlé Belgilux

New CEO for Nestlé Belgilux

Nestlé announced that Michel Mersch will become Nestlé Belgilux’ new CEO. He will succeed Alexander von Maillot, who will transfer back to the Swiss main office.

20 years of experience at Nestlé

Michel Mersch has been with Nestlé since 1998 and previously occupied the position of 'business executive officer' for the Professional, France and Belgilux divisions. Now, he will take charge of the group’s Belgian and Luxembourg activities. He first joined Nestlé as Nestlé Belgilux’ key accountmanager and also led the cereal division’s Belgian and Luxembourg activities between 2001 and 2005.


He will succeed Alexander von Maillot, who will return to Switzerland to lead the confectionery strategic business unit. Von Maillot joined Nestlé in 1996 and has taken up several positions since, in Germany, Czechia, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Both gentlemen will take up their new position on 1 February 2018.

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