Nestlé's Incredible Burger is now "Sensational"

Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger
Foto: Nestlé

Now that Nestlé can no longer call its "just like real" plant-based burger Incredible, the name changes to "Sensational". The burger comes with an improved recipe.


New name after lawsuit

Nestlé wants to rival the popular American Impossible Burger with its own vegetarian hamburger that is almost indistinguishable from beef. But the fact that the hamburger was called an "Incredible Burger" went too far for the Americans. After a lawsuit, Nestlé was forbidden to use that name, because it would be too similar, for an already similar product.


That's why the burger is now renamed "Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger". “The new Garden Gourmet 'Sensational' name evokes the senses that are stimulated by our burger: the visible transformation and aroma when cooking, the sound of it sizzling in the pan or on the grill, the great taste and texture," explains Wayne England, head of Nestlé's food department. He doesn't say a word about the legal obligation.


It's the second upgrade to the Garden Gourmet burger in just over a year after its launch, he says. The recipe would also have been adjusted accordingly, and further improvements and innovations in Nestlé's vegetable range are to be expected later this year. Other products from Garden Gourmet, such as vegetarian sausages and minced meat, will also be named "Sensational".