Nestlé wants to get rid of Herta's meat products

Nestlé wants to get rid of Herta cold meat

Swiss food giant Nestlé is looking to get rid of its German brand Herta. The latter's meat products are not future-proof, but the Swiss do want to retain the brand's plant-based division.


Focus on meat substitutes

The decision to drop the cold meat division is not all that surprising: for the past few years, Nestlé has been expanding its presence in the meat substitutes market, for example by acquiring the American vegetarian food manufacturer Sweet Earth.


Meat consumption is under pressure everywhere: ever more consumers are looking for alternatives and the rising concern for the environment is causing large food companies like Nestlé to adapt their strategy. "The trend towards more plant-based food will continue to exist for years," says CEO Mark Schneider. "To keep growing, we will have to shift our focus."


Herta has been part of the Nestlé group since 1984. Besides meat, they also sell dough and vegetarian products. The latter two will probably remain with the Swiss corporation, possibly under another name. The brand as a whole represents an annual turnover of 600 million euros.