Nestlé increases its focus on plant-based dairy alternatives

Nestlé's R&D Accelerator in Switzerland
Foto Nestlé

With the opening of a new research centre, Nestlé reinforces its ambitions to innovate even faster with sustainable dairy products and plant-based alternatives.


From idea to store in six months

In Konolfingen, Switzerland, Nestlé opened a new 'R&D Accelerator' this week to stimulate innovation and 'speed-to-market' of sustainable dairy products and plant-based dairy alternatives. The centre aims to provide a platform for starters, students and scientists to build on Nestlé's expertise in dairy and vegetable proteins to speed products from idea to market, using small-scale production equipment and a fully equipped test kitchen. The ambition is to launch a new concept in a test store within six months.

Plant-based alternatives have been a priority for the food group since CEO Mark Schneider leads the company. In Europe, Nestlé is a leader in meat substitutes with the brand Garden Gourmet; in the US, the group acquired, among others, the producer of meat substitutes Sweet Earth. Soon the multinational will launch a plant-based variant of Nesquik, based on oats and peas.

"Innovation in milk products and plant-based dairy alternatives is core to Nestlé's portfolio strategy, as well as our sustainability agenda. As a company, we have set ambitious climate goals. This is part of our promise to develop products that are good for you and good for the planet," said the top executive at the opening of the new R&D centre.