Nestlé delivers coffee and snacks at home via Deliveroo

KitKat, a Nestlé brand

British consumers can get their fix of Nestlé snacks, candy and coffee delivered to their doorstep, thanks to a new collaboration with Deliveroo.


"Logical step"

The delivery service will use eleven distribution centres in Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham for the new project, ConfectioneryNews writes. The trial includes a selection of products deemed 'essential', such as KitKat, Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles en San Pellegrino.


Alexandre Manoukian, e-commerce lead for Nestlé Professional, told ConfectioneryNews that the collaboration is a logical step in a world where people can not simply go to a shop for impulse buying. Deliveroo offers a contactless delivery, making Nestlé snacks available to anyone - even those in self-isolation.


The lockdown has been rather kind to the Swiss food giant, with the strongest turnover growth in five years. Many people bought more ready-made meals and baking products because many restaurants were closed, pushing Nestlé sales to new heights. Coffee, frozen products and pet food were in high demand as well.