Multinationals join forces to create nutritional value label

Multinationals join forces to create nutritional value label

Six major multinationals, including Coca-Cola, Mars and Mondelez, are working on a new label to inform consumers about their products' nutritional value.

Smaller portions

The aforementioned companies are joined by Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever as they seek to make the consumer more about their food and get them to enjoy a more balanced diet. This should help, among other things, tackle obesity.


The goal is to create a label for the European market, in line with the European Union's legislation. One idea is to use colour coding to mark a product's nutritional value.


The six companies also want to encourage people to eat smaller portions, an effort in collaboration with other companies in the food industry, NGOs and the European Commission. Together, they should reach a credible solution.


Clear information

"Consumers around the world have told us they want straight-forward, accessible information about what they are drinking. By enhancing the current nutrition labelling scheme in Europe with colour coding, we’re providing people with the clearest possible information about our drinks", Coca-Cola Europe's spokesperson, Dan Sayre, said.


"We believe that by working together and taking a unified European approach, we can ultimately reach our end goal of putting in place a robust nutrition labelling scheme that helps consumers make balanced and mindful choices”, says Hubert Weber, President MEU, Mondelez International.