Mondelez: price arrangements and grey market?

Mondelez: price arrangements and grey market?

FMCG-giant Mondelez is accused of having delivered large quantities of biscuits and chocolate, including Milka, on the grey market in Austria for many years. This would be the conclusion of several searches last month.


Two procedures

The Austrian subsidiary of the food company is suspected of violating competition laws. A few weeks ago, searches were carried out in the offices of the food giant in, among others, Vienna and Bremen. Currently, two proceedings are ongoing before the Viennese antitrust court against the company, the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper writes. These would involve price-fixing and territorial supply restrictions, practices that are strictly prohibited in the European Union.


According to LebensmittelZeitung, Mondelez has also sold large quantities of biscuits and chocolate on the grey market for many years. They are said to have entered the Eastern European market via various brokers. A small proportion is said to have been sold in Germany by discounters, but the names of the retailers are not mentioned in the magazine.


The information is said to have come from a former Mondelez employee. So far, no one from the FMCG giant wished to respond to the reports.