Mondelez makes all packaging recyclable

Foto: ThamKC /

Mondelez is going to make all of its packaging recyclable by 2025 and intends to motivate its partners to actually collect and reuse the material.


65 million kilos less packaging material

To meet the demand for sustainability, Mondelez (the manufacturer of OreoMilka an LU) wants to use less packaging and more sustainable materials. By 2020, all paper-based packaging should come from sustainable sources. By 2020, the food giant intends to reduce the packaging material it uses by 65 million kilos. It has drafted design guidelines for packaging developers to reach that goal and promises to support industrial and public-private partnerships "in order to construct the necessary waste management structures".


Meanwhile, Mondelez has managed to reduce the use of corrugated paper for chocolate products in Asia, the Middle East and Africa by a million killos. In the United States, Oreo packaging has been made 23% thinner, reducing the annual weight of its boxes by 1.5 million kilos.


Manufacturers and retailers are experiencing a lot of pressure to move to less packaging that is also more sustainable. In the United Kingdom, an ambitious plan has been drafted to reduce plastic waste and the European Union is taking more and more measures to reduce the amount of waste, for example by banning plastic drinking straws and disposable cups.